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Product Description

SRT-21 assault rifle electric replica: mostly made of durable plastic with elements metal elements. Body, front grip, stock and sights are made of plastic. Outer barrel is made of zinc and aluminum alloy, shell magazine and dummy lock – steel.

SRT-21 is equipped with a dorsal mounting rail RIS 22 mm and 4 rails placed around the front grip.
They allow fixing the whole range of accessories, such as scopes, grips, and tactical lights, etc. Module sight sighted RIS rail is included.

Carabiner is equipped with a telescopic stock of adjustable length, ending in a non-slip foot. Outer barrel has been completed 14 mm left-handed thread, which will allow the installation of silencers. Access to the slide bar hop-up system is granted after reloading charging handle. On the left side of the body is the fire mode selector / fuse.

The heart of the replica is made of metal gearbox v.2 type, equipped with a set of steel gears, Ball-spring guide and 7 mm bearing, whereby a replica reaches a muzzle velocity of ~ 410 FPS straight out of the box.

With 360 mm barrel inside shots fired from the SRT-21 will be far and accurate. Hi-cap – 300 balls made of steel and plastic is included. The battery is located inside the front grip.

The set includes:
– Replica
– Magazine
– battery,
– charger,
– Pack of balls,
– suspension
– Ramrod,
– Instruction.

Technical data
Material: plastic and metal
Barrel length: 260 mm
Overall Length: 700-780 mm
Weight: 1970 g
Color: tan
Electric drive
Gearbox: v2
Velocity: 410 FPS
Hop-up: It is adjustable
Type Magazine: Hi-cap
Magazine capacity: 300 balls

Manufacturer: Spartac

Additional Information

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