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Product Description

Licensed machine gun replica of probably the most popular in the world – MP5 A5 version produced in original by B & T (Brugger & Thommet) in Switzerland and used by police and military in many countries of the world.
The replica has a folding stock, which is inserted in the body of the gun and sighted rear sight with 4 different settings depending on the distance at which we aim.


Built-in, adjustable Hop Up system significantly improves the accuracy and coverage of the replica.
MP5A5 has a Hi cap magazine (200 balls) , which makes the player has a serious firepower in the battles CQB type.

With the MP5A5 included a complete set, which allows you to almost immediately start the game – battery, charger, cleaning rod and a core set of balls reputable company Goldfire.

Technical data
Material: polymer
Barrel length: 229 mm
Overall length: 735 mm
Weight: 1900 g
Colour: Black
Barrel diameter: 6 mm
Electric drive
Velocity: 210 FPS
Gearbox: Standard
Type Magazine: Hi-cap
Magazine capacity: 200 balls
Manufacturer: Action Sport Games, Denmark

Additional Information

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