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Product Description

Urban Sniper spring rifle designed (as the name suggests) for the police and special services.
Folding stock, thick, muted barrel, tactical bipod and telescope assembly kit makes it a very attractive sniper rifle for any ASG competition.

Replica made partly of metal (internal mechanisms, trigger, grip tightening the lock barrel interior and exterior) and partly from high quality ABS plastic. A standard mounting weaver rail is placed on top of the rifle that allows adding optics added to the set, as well as any other sight (eg collimator, laser pointer) and tactical light. The rifle is also equipped with a fuse located on the right side next to the handle tensioning lock.

Urban Sniper is a replica of the drive spring, which means the need to reload the traditional lock before each shot for spring tension. Included with a rifle, additional hook handle tensioning lock, combined with thoughtful design gives us the ability to quickly translate handle tension on the left side of the rifle. So it is a rifle designed for both shooters right and left hand. Strong spring roll suitable initial velocity of 443 fps which, combined with a long barrel and adjustable Hop Up system gives us great weapon for a sniper.

The set also includes Strike Systems telescope sights for four times magnification and objective lens diameter of 32 mm. These parameters are ideal for sniper distances. Of course, the telescope gives you the ability to set ballistic reticle distance at which the target is and take wind adjustments as a professional sniper. Telescope has a cap to protect the lens from damage during transport. The telescope also comes with a two-piece mounting rail type weaver.

Bipod included. The system’s installation is very simple and fast, and thanks to the smooth adjustment of the length of the legs stable positioning rifle is great in any area, regardless of surface irregularities.

Also with the Urban Sniper you receive two magazines with a capacity of 25 pieces each BB, cap for easy loading magazine, Speedloader, the basic pack of GoldFire company balls and Allen key set allowing for disassembly rifle and adjust the Hop Up system.

Technical data:

Material: ABS Plastic + metal
Barrel length: 374 mm
Overall length: 985/1080 mm (folded flask / flask spread)
Weight: 1950 g
Color: Black
The diameter of the barrel of 6.03 mm
Drive: spring
Velocity: 443 FPS
Hop-Up: Yes, regulated
Type of magazine: Low-Cap
Magazine capacity: 25 balls

Manufacturer: Action Sport Games, Denmark

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